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Welcome!  You have just reached the website home of Sakaida and Sons Trucking.  Our company was founded over 35 years ago by Ted Sakaida and has been family owned and operated ever since.  What originally began as one man and one truck has since become an area leader in the import and export of dirt, the transportation of aggregate materials, as well as heavy equipment.  Now that you know a little bit about us, what can we do for you?

We are a dump truck company specializing in the import and export of dirt, sand and gravel. We supply dump trucks on a hourly rental basis for exporting aggregate materials and demolition. We also provide lowbed services. We are a full service construction company with subsidiaries handling excavation and grading projects.

    Please feel free to E-mail us. For a quicker response, please contact us at (818) 881-5257 or fax us at (818) 345-1994.